Unlocking Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is a premium feature of Continuous Delivery. This feature is included with a Puppet Enterprise Advanced license or can be purchased separately. If you have not purchased this feature, an icon of a lock appears where the impact analysis information would otherwise appear.

The base Continuous Delivery product is included with the standard license of the Puppet Enterprise, which also includes Security Compliance Management (formerly Comply). Purchasing the Puppet Enterprise Advanced license unlocks the following premium features:

  • Impact Analysis: By enabling the advanced capabilities of this feature within Continuous Delivery, you can generate reports to analyze the potential impact and risks before merging new Puppet code.
  • Security Compliance Enforcement (formerly CEM): Ensure that your server configurations comply with the security best practices outlined in the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.

To purchase the Impact Analysis premium feature or the full Puppet Enterprise Advanced license, complete the form on the Puppet website.

Once you have a license, please see Add or update a license key for instructions on how to add the license to Continuous Delivery.