Add or update a license key

Once you have purchased either a Puppet Enterprise Advanced license or a license for the premium Impact Analysis feature for Continuous Delivery, you need to add your license to Continuous Delivery. If you have not yet installed or migrated Continuous Delivery, you can find instructions for adding your license there.

Before you begin:
Please have your license file. If you do not yet have your license file, please contact Perforce sales.

Add a license to an existing Continuous Delivery installation:

  1. Create a directory named files and copy the license file to files/license.lic in the Bolt project directory on your Bolt runner. A license file is required to access the premium features of Continuous Delivery.
  2. Stop the Continuous Delivery service using:
    bolt plan run cd4peadm::ctl action=stop
  3. Upload the license to Continuous Delivery using:
    bolt plan run cd4peadm::upload_license
  4. Restart Continuous Delivery using:
    bolt plan run cd4peadm::ctl action=start

Use this process to update your license if you have a newer one. If you put a license in your project that has a newer created date than the installed license, this process overwrites the installed license with the newer version.