Configure and integrate

Configure your Continuous Delivery instance so that it communicates with your source control system, Puppet Enterprise, and the job hardware you use to run tests on your Puppet code.

  • Configuration reference
    The following settings are configurable via Hiera in your Bolt project.
  • Integrate with Puppet Enterprise
    To set up an integration between your Puppet Enterprise (PE) instance and Continuous Delivery, you must first set up a dedicated PE user with appropriate permissions, then add your PE instance's credentials to Continuous Delivery.
  • Integrate with source control
    Integrate your source control system with Continuous Delivery by following the instructions for your source control provider.
  • Continuous Delivery known issues
    The servers Continuous Delivery uses to run tests on your Puppet code are known as job hardware. You must configure job hardware before you can run tests or use pipelines.
  • Add repositories
    You must tell Continuous Delivery which repositories in your source control system are your control repos and module repos. This tells Continuous Delivery where to listen for code changes.
  • Configure SAML
    Continuous Delivery supports the use of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication from a SAML identity provider (IDP). Once you configure your SAML IDP to integrate with Continuous Delivery, you can use your chosen single sign-on tool to authenticate users to Continuous Delivery.
  • Configure LDAP
    Continuous Delivery supports use of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for managing user authentication. After configuring LDAP, use group mapping to associate your existing LDAP groups with role-based access control (RBAC) groups in Continuous Delivery.
  • Configure SMTP
    Configure SMTP for your Continuous Delivery installation so that users can receive email notifications from the software.
  • Advanced configuration
    Advanced configuration settings for Continuous Delivery help you fine-tune aspects of the software that can impact runtime and operation speed.