Add repositories

You must tell Continuous Delivery which repositories in your source control system are your control repos and module repos. This tells Continuous Delivery where to listen for code changes.

Control Repos in Continuous Delivery track changes made on active development branches of your source control system. Module repos, referred to as Modules in the Continuous Delivery web UI, contain information about Puppet modules. When adding repos to Continuous Delivery, it's important to connect the repo's main Git branch.

Adding a repo in Continuous Delivery configures a webhook to the repository in your source control system. The webhook reports new commit activity on the repository to Continuous Delivery, enabling you to track code changes and take action (such as triggering pipelines or running individual tests on the new code).

  1. In the Continuous Delivery web UI, click Control repos > Add control repo.

    To add a module repo, click Modules > Add module.

  2. Select the source control provider and repository.

    The Repository dropdown menu lists a maximum of 10 repositories. Begin typing a repository name to refresh and refine the list. If there are still more than 10 results, you'll need to provide a more specific repository name until the desired repository appears.

  3. The repo's main branch is automatically selected, if one exists. If the repo does not have a main branch, select Create a main branch from an existing branch and select your active development branch as the basis for the new main branch. Continuous Delivery creates a main branch for you based on the existing branch you choose.
    When working with Continuous Delivery, only commit to the main branch and any feature branches (which are eventually merged back into the main branch). Do not push code changes to any other Git branches; this can create conflicts with Continuous Delivery workflows.
  4. Optional: Edit the repo's Display name as it appears in the Continuous Delivery web UI. The name can contain only numbers, letters, dashes, and underscores.
  5. Click Add control repo (or Add module).
  6. If you added a control repo, make sure you add the puppetlabs-cd4pe_jobs module to the Puppetfile on the control repo's main branch, as explained in Configure job hardware.
  7. Repeat to add more repos to Continuous Delivery.
What to do next
Construct pipelines
to test new code committed to your repos.