Supported PE versions and browsers

Refer to these system requirements for your Continuous Delivery installation.

Hardware requirements

Before installing Continuous Delivery, ensure that the system you are installing on meets these requirements.

Hardware requirements

Memory Storage CPUs
8 GB 100 GB for /var/lib 4

Note: The system you install Bolt on requires about 1 GB of free space.

Restriction: The system you install Bolt on cannot be a Microsoft Windows system.

Supported operating systems

Continuous Delivery supports the same primary server platforms as Puppet Enterprise (PE).

Docker supported operating systems

Operating system Versions
CentOS 7
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
Ubuntu (General Availability kernels) 18.04, 20.04, 22.04

Podman supported operating systems

Continuous Delivery attempts to install the Podman package provided by your operating system. If the Podman package is not available on your system, please contact your OS vendor for instructions on getting Podman.

Operating systemVersions
Amazon Linux2
Oracle Linux7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux7, 8, 9
Rocky Linux8
Scientific Linux7
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server15

Supported PE versions

You can use the latest version of Continuous Delivery with all currently-supported versions of PE.

Currently-supported PE versions are described on the PE support lifecycle page, and you can find the recommended PE upgrade paths in the PE documentation.

Supported browsers

You can use the Continuous Delivery web UI with these browsers.

Browser Supported versions
Google Chrome Current version as of release
Mozilla Firefox Current version as of release
Microsoft Edge Current version as of release
Apple Safari Current version as of release