Configure job hardware

Import data regularly to make sure reports include current product data. You should import data during periods of low activity, such as overnight, to avoid impacting application performance.

  • Job hardware requirements
    System requirements for Continuous Delivery job hardware depend on the size of your Continuous Delivery installation, the type of jobs you run, and how frequently you run them.
  • Configure job hardware
    The servers Continuous Delivery uses to run tests on your Puppet code are known as job hardware. You must configure job hardware before you can run tests or use pipelines. Any node with a Puppet agent installed on it can be job hardware.
  • Add job hardware capabilities
    Job hardware servers are organized by capabilities in Continuous Delivery. A capability is a tag that indicates what type of jobs can run on that job hardware server. If you're managing a lot of job hardware servers, use capabilities to distribute the testing load.
  • Configure global shared job hardware
    All workspaces in your Continuous Delivery installation can use global shared job hardware. The root user or a super user must set up these special job hardware servers in the root console.